joi, 4 iulie 2013


1. This is you
Mda.. in mare parte :)))

2.This is your best friend

Ok, cel mai bun prieten al meu e Hades! Păzeaaa
3.This is what your parents are like
aam, ok...

4.What you do when you’re alone

5.How the same sex see you

6.How strangers see you

7.How the opposite sex see you

Asta nu putea fi mai adevarat :)))
8.How your crush see’s you

Mamăă, ce fabuloos
9.Your favourite fandom

10. Your taste in music

11.If you had a superpower it would be

Da, categoric, clar, asta e!
12.You in the morning

Yup, that's me
13.Your thoughts on school

14.Your reaction to being asked out

15.Your parent’s reaction to you going on your first date

16.What you do on Friday nights

17.What you do on the weekend

18.What you do in class when you should be listening

19.Your reaction to failing a subject/test

20.Your reaction to graduating

21.Your feelings on the world

22. Your reaction to learning the world was going to end

23.What you would do to try and save the world

24.Your job

25.How your kids act

Mda, claar
26.The rest of your life

Asta e foarte drăguuț
27.How you die

28.People at your funeral

Good, Captain America, I didn't

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